These are our “Dine-In” prices. 3rd Party delivery pricing will vary by carrier.

Opening Acts

Little Rock Cheese Dip  $7.99

Add Stickyz Salsa $9.99

or Salsa only $3.99

Chicken Cheese Dip Deluxe $9.99
Served with original cheese dip topped with sticky chicken, scallions and sour cream.

Artichoke Fondue $7.99
Served with tortilla chips.

Basket of Onion Rings  $5.99
Served with spicy ketchup.

Fried Jalapenos Caps $5.49
Served with queso side.

Sausage & Cheese Plate $13.99
Served with smoked sausage, smoked cheddar, pepperoncini peppers, pickles, crackers, creole mustard and pepperoni.

Cluck Puppies $7.49
Served with four biscuit breaded chicken hush puppies with woo my lawd sauce.

Onpoint Gumbo $4.49 (cup) .. $6.49 (bowl)
Served with house smoked chicken and hickory pork sausage.

Baked Potato Soup $4.49 (cup) .. $5.99 (bowl)
Served with cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon.

Small House Salad $3.99
Served with cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes and house crouton.

Salad Support

Sticky Fingerz Salad $11.99

Served with original chicken fingerz, shredded cheddar, bleu cheese crumbles, diced tomatoes and pecans.

Boss Salad $11.99
Served with smoked turkey and ham, grilled chicken with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.

Southern Caesar Salad $11.99
Served with original chicken fingerz, shredded Parmesan with caesar dressing, bacon and house croutons.

Green Day Salad $11.99
Served with red onion, green pepper, diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and house croutons.

Sandwich Setlist

All sandwiches and burgers are served with a side of house potato chips.

Sticky Fingerz Sandwich $10.99
Served with our classic, original sticky fingerz, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, diced tomato and creamy dill dressing.

Chicken Cordon Blues Sandwich $10.99
Served with original chicken fingerz, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, smoked ham on an Arkansas fresh bun.

Blue Hawaii Sandwich $10.99
Served with smoked turkey, pineapple, bacon, cheddar cheese on hoagie roll with creamy dill dressing side.

Freebird Sandwich $10.99
Served with grilled fajita chicken, red onion, pepper jack cheese, bell peppers, sour cream on hoagie roll.

The Killer Sandwich $10.99
Served with smoked ham, pepperoni, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, creamy dill dressing, pepperoncini and lettuce on a hoagie roll.

Smokey Robinson Sandwich $10.99
Served with house smoked chicken, Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, sweet mustard on Arkansas fresh bun.

Backstage Burgers

Back Porch Burger $10.99
Served with lettuce, tomato, creole mustard, pickle, red onion and your choice of cheese.

Voodoo Burger $10.99
Served with lettuce, blue cheese crumbles and spicy voodoo sauce.

Queso Bacon Burger $11.99
Served with little rock cheese dip, fried jalapenos and bacon.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger $10.99
Served with bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce.

Superbad Burger $10.99
Served with blackened ground beef, bacon, mayo, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.

World Famous Sticky Fingerz

Hand cut daily from fresh boneless chicken breast.

Half Order Sticky Fingerz (3)  $6.99
Served with 1 sauce.

Full Order Sticky Fingerz (6)  $12.99
Served with 2 sauces and biscuit.

Basket of Cauli-Fingerz

Basket of Caulifingerz $9.99
Served with breaded cauliflower in any of our stickyz styles.

Shack Specialties

Almost Famous Quesadilla  $11.99
Served with original chicken fingerz, cheddar, mozzarella, diced tomatoes, bacon, voodoo sauce and sour cream side.

Grilled Veggie Quesadilla $10.99
Served with red onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, mozzarella and cheddar sour cream.

Voodoo Tacos $10.49
Served with original chicken fingerz, lettuce, cheddar, voodoo sauce with creamy dill side.

Chicken Nachos $10.99
Served with grilled chicken, melted cheddar, queso, lettuce, diced tomatoes, jalapeno, sour cream and salsa.

Grilled Chicken Tacos $10.49
Served with grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar with salsa.


Homemade Banana Pudding  $4.99
Served with vanilla wafers, sauteed bananas, caramel sauce, pecans and whipped cream.

Side Stage

French Fries (Basket)  $3.49
House Potato Chips (Basket) $2.99
Mashed Potatoes $2.99
Fried Okra  $2.99
Tater Tots (Basket)  $3.49
Buttermilk Biscuit $1.49