Gigs & Band Booking Info: Please read the following

We work with a variety of artists in many genres. Our needs vary from day to day as we keep a full schedule of live events happening on our stages. If you have not made initial contact with us about booking a show already, then here’s what we need from you and what to expect from us:

– Send us a link to your website presence (an actual website / social media account / soundcloud, etc). Please make sure that this is a location where we can stream your music and get a vibe for who you are and what it is that you do.

– Tell us when you are booked in the Little Rock / North Little Rock area for the next 3 months. Also include previous shows that you’ve played in the market and what other LR venues you have played. This information will help us to find a situation that doesn’t bump up too closely to other shows you may have already landed in town. It’s in everyone’s best interest that we try and maximize your fan potential for any given show, and we ask you to please provide this info.

– If you’ve never played LR before – that’s cool, too. There’s a first time for everything, but let us know if you have any friends / fans in the neighborhood and roughly how many folks you think will show up to see you play here.

– If you are friends with any central Arkansas based bands who want to play with you then that is an excellent way to get the ball rolling with us. Just let us know that “hey, we talked to someone and they want to be on the bill with us…”

– Keep in mind that we typically book our national acts 120-180 days out. We usually book artists that we are unfamiliar with 45-60 days out. If you are a touring band, please include the dates you will be in the area or if you are “generally available.”

– If we firm up a show, please let us see your flyer and facebook event info before posting up so that we can make sure everyone is on the same page about the details.

– If you are an acoustic act or if you travel with your own PA, let us know if you are interested in playing outdoors in “The Coop” (the patio) as that is a whole ‘nother situation.

– And lastly, we get an amazing amount of material from unsolicited artists that want to play our venues. Please be patient as we usually only go through artist submissions once or twice a month.

General Questions or Comments: