The Giving Tree Band

  • Date:2015-03-13
  • Location:The Giving Tree Band 9pm
  • Venue:with Old Salt Union $8 advance $10 day of show 18+
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A traveling band must be able to channel their hometown and aura into a space. It is sometimes difficult to conjure the backroads and nature so often sung about in American music but The Giving Tree Band has mastered this quintessential aspect of performing live. They are able to accomplish what great writers have long proven; it is possible, with the right story, to transport whole audiences to new worlds. It is said that in any endeavor, the journey is the true reward. For this band, the outlook matters more than the outcome. Nevertheless, The Giving Tree Band is making their way towards the head of a classy class of young American songwriters and performers.

Led by enigmatic brothers Todd and E Fink, The Austin Chronicle describes the band as bringing to mind “Seventies American music with The Band and the Dead as obvious touchstones, plus the kind of country/almost-bluegrass of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and the New Riders of the Purple Sage.” The members all reside at Crooked Creek – their home and studio outside Chicago named after the street where it sits. There, they have meticulously honesd their craft. “These rockers cultivate a sound that mirrors their namesake, with soulful vocals and heartfelt musicanship. In a genre where honesty is key, The Giving Tree Band gives their audiences their all,” writes CityBeat Cincinnati. The Giving Tree Band is not reinventing but simply reuniting rock and roll. With their down-home style, they emphasize the virtue in virtuosity – playing each note with integrity, each part with humility, each song with honesty, and each show with love and gratitude. The most common word among all who share the experience is “undeniable” in regards to the chemistry on stage, the energy in the room, and the feeling that something special is happening.

“Their own folk sound…new and refreshing” – Paste Magazine
“Vibrant, propulsively enjoyable” – Acoustic Guitar Magazine
“Levon Helm’s surely smiling down from heaven” – Illinois Entertainer

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