Nick Flora

  • Date:2019-05-16
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:with TBA $6 18+
  • Venue:Nick Flora 8pm

“Like a shark attack with t-shirts in the back” Nick Flora belts with faux hubris in the opening track from his sophomore release Hello Stranger. But like all good uses of hyperbole, there is a truth to the claim.

Nick Flora is known for many things, one being an alterna-pop singer/songwriter out of Nashville, TN. Two, crafting a live performance that’s altogether intimate and unforgettable, and third, weaving quick wit, turns of phrases, with elemental truths that cut to the core of the human condition.

Flora has been writing songs and touring full time for close to a decade. His debut solo record Great Escape (2009) and the aforementioned follow-up Hello Stranger (2011) are both prime examples of Flora’s grasp of dynamics, heart, and humor.

Flora’s latest release The Reintroduction Of Nick Flora boasts a bold step forward and as fellow musician and frequent collaborator Stacy Lantz put it is “full of anthems, stories, heartache, and of course, wit.”

All three albums produced under the guise of noted Nashville music alum Andrew Osenga. Between full length recordings, Flora released a trilogy of movie themed cover EPs entitled Remake EP, Remake EP Strikes Back, and The Return Of the Remake EP, respectively.

For fans of Ben Folds, Jon Foreman, Randy Newman, David Bazan, Elvis Costello, Josh Ritter, Denison Witmer, Fountains of Wayne, and general awesomeness.