Bree Ogden

  • Date:2017-11-22
  • Time:19:30
  • Location:with Samantha Kay $5 All Ages
  • Venue:Bree Ogden 7:30pm

Nashville-bound Arkansas native, Bree Ogden is a true Southern girl with fiery red hair and a charming Southern drawl. Her desire to pursue a music career is rooted in her upbringing listening to country music from an early age. She won the title of “Junior of the Year” at the Dallas Expo when she was just 13. She was approached by many agents and music industry heavy-weights. Since then, she picked up a guitar, started writing songs, began honing her craft and started garnering as many performance stripes on her sleeves as possible.

“I know this is what I’m meant to do and I won’t stop for anything. This is my dream, no one can ever take it away from me. I believe no one has any kind of power to shatter your dreams, unless you give them the power to do so. My dream is to inspire people and people be blown away with how hard I work for what I want. I’ll never work a day in my life, I will always love being a performer. Thank you God for giving me such an amazing gift to share with the world. ”

Bree’s influences vary from rock n roll, to country, to blues and jazz. “There are only two types of music, good or bad.” At the age of 6 Bree’s favorite song was Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson “Gretchen got her point across and had so much fun doing it and I think thats what really had my attention.” As Bree got older she listened to the recent music but also became familiar with the older music.

“My favorite thing about knowing, performing, and even just listening to the older stuff is that’s where music began. That’s the stuff that made music great. Those heart break, mistake, and songs about just honesty, songs that really spoke to you, that’s what made me want to be an artist. Those songs that could make you bawl your eyes out or the songs that could give you the biggest smile on your face. I became so fascinated with the way the songwriters and artists could make someone feel. I truly believe that music is what feelings sound like. When you ask me what makes me want to be an artist more than anything I can give you two words, atmosphere and connection. Seeing people at shows and singing the songs that have already been made great, and then my songs even. It’s all about connection with people and that’s why I’m just so in love with being able to perform in front of people, being able to set an atmosphere where for even a second people can relate to what I’m saying.”

Just sit back and watch Bree work her way to the top.