*repeat repeat

  • Date:2016-11-03
  • Location:*repeat repeat 9pm
  • Venue:with Sattakota $8 18+
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“When a band manages to harness a balance between cool and catchy, it is hard to not be impressed.” (

“Go dance with the groovy *repeat repeat… “Mostly” is the song you need to hear …TRUST US.“ (Daytrotter)

“Dick dale’s snot-nosed grandkids.” (Nashville Scene)

“… Members of the crowd are singing along, and all immediately responded to *repeat repeat’s bouncing rhythms, melded harmonies, and the surf-like sway of their guitar sounds. They have called their sound “surf rock candy,” and rightly so. Listening to them, I imagine myself on a hazy beach at dusk, wearing giant amber tinted sunglasses, and eating a candy necklace…”
(Field Note Stenographers, Andrea Marlowe)

“Fuzzy, dark, compelling. Love it and want more” (We Own This Town)

“Fans of yeah yeah yeahs, the raveonettes, or b-52’s are catching on to *repeat repeat.” (Audiosocket)