Lewd Awakening Revue: Hot & Sticky

  • Date:2019-07-14
  • Time:21:00
  • Location:$10 21+
  • Venue:Lewd Awakening Revue: Hot & Sticky 9pm

Lewd Awakening Revue presents Hot & Sticky

By popular request, the largest burlesque and variety troupe the Natural State has to offer is bringing another helping of their hugely craved for food themed show to Stickyz! Get ready to be smitten with song, comedy, drag, sideshow and a whole lot of sexy. If you think you know burlesque you’re in for a Lewd Awakening!

With performances by:
The Siam Fox, a creature so hypnotic you won’t be able to keep your love hidden for the forbidden mystery of the south.

Myra Mains, this temptress will bewitch you with curves that will leave you utterly spellbound.

Puss Powerbottom, he’s sure to bring a big surprise that’ll leave you
squirming in your seats.

Caerdwyn Adele, a beauty so deliciously adorned you’ll be craving more of this maven of modification.

Sukie Pearl, this marvelous singing siren will take you on a ride on an endless wave of emotions.

Daddy Fox, our wisecracking troublemaker has no qualms about giving it to you straight.

Sparky Lugnutz, this devious tom cat joins us on stage to gather all the naughty underthings.

And Karma Kouture, our trash queen supreme and hostess for the evening.

Kick back and let her navigate you through all the pleasures of the
evening with the Lewd Awakening Revue.